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That’s the Morton I’ve always loved and supported.

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I can only speak for my own experiences of what Morton means to me and I realise I will have blue and white tinted spectacles with quite a bit of nostalgia thrown in, however for me it’s along these lines:

1. Allan McGraw and the 1964 team breaking all post war records for wins and goals scored, playing home and away against any team as though we were the home team. This was my first experience so admittedly I’ve judged everything since against it. Guys like McGraw, Morris Stevenson, Jimmy Wilson and Hugh Strachan couldn’t have played defensive football if you’d held a gun to their heads!

2. Moving on to the Danish Invasion with Eric Sorensen, Per Bartram, Lief Nielsen, Bjarne Jensen, Preben Arentoft etc. As above, would probably hold a gun to your head if you even suggested playing defensively.

3. Add Joe Harper, Joe Mason, Tony Taylor and Willie Allan, then you have a team who’ll face up to anyone and fancy their chances, and were absolutely wonderful to watch!

4. Then came along the Benny Rooney era with Andy Ritchie, Mark McGhee, Bobby Thompson, Neil Orr, Jim Holmes etc. Even the defenders were attack minded! They would attack opposition home and away.

5. Then the Era of McInnes, Mahood, Rajamaki and Lindberg, under Allan McGraw. Again All they did was attack home and away.

6. Then Cowboy’s shwashbuckling team containing Williams, Weatherson, Maisano etc., who sold out almost every away ground in our way back up the leagues, such was our magnificent away support to watch our famous all out attacking philosophy.

That’s the Morton I’ve always loved and supported.

The above views belong to DreamOakTree.

I share them.


Love it👍🏼

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